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Related post: Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 18:40:30 -0700 From: Joseph Farrin Subject: RED ASSIt all started when I decided to retire early from the one and only job I'd ever had. preteen lesbian porn I'd started when I was twenty-two years old and two months out of college with a Degree in Electrical Engineering. I'd worked my way up from a Junior Design Engineer to Engineer in charge of Design and Production -- good salary, stock options and bonuses -- the whole shebang. But when my wife of twenty years died, I felt the need to retire. The two of us had grown closer than we'd ever been in the last two years, after she became semi- handicapped and required more of my attention. I missed her and it seemed to effect my work, which was with a firm that designed and manufactured computer components. I had my forty-first birthday last month,As things turned out, David Nelson, who'd started a month before russian preteen naturalists me, retired a month before I did. When he came in one day with a problem I knew I'd never feel right unless I helped him out. Through the years, we'd both done a little covering up for the other- saving eachother's ass in the process. Now he was in poor health and his daughter wanted him to move in with her in Oklahoma. He came to me with the problem that he couldn't sell his home, a small mobile home in a trailer park. I asked him how much he needed to get out of it; he told me he had to net $ 30,000. I wrote out a check, thinking it would sell in time, and told him to please keep in touch. He walked around the desk, gave me a hug and said I was one of his best friends even if I was his boss.So, on my first free Sunday after preteen porns pics retirement I went to the trailer park, took down the For Sale sign and threw it in the garbage can.The little place was spotlessly clean but in need of some maintenance and repair. I was struck by how cozy it was and the fact that it had a storage shed at the back of the carport, a small patio and the tiny yard was almost maintenance free since it was on an automatic sprinkler system nn erotic preteens with a timer. That night, in bed but not yet asleep, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should consider moving into the free preteen sample place.Monday I engaged a roofer to put on new, brown, asphalt shingles and went to a paint store to buy some paint, brushes and rollers, rags, and other accessories intending to start with the living room. I was taking down the Venetian blinds and drapes when someone called out "HELLO". He was the next-door neighbor and introduced himself as Richard Murray. I later learned everyone called him "Red Ass" behind his back, as he couldn't complete more than six sentences without using the expression. I discovered later that his two sons had picked up the same habit. They used it as an expression of frustration over a situation. Richard had come over to ask me if I had something he preteen gigi pics could do. He was a professional painter, unable to work fulltime, and said he could use the money. I hired him and went ahead to do other things -- renewing all the light fixtures, putting new shelf paper in the cupboards and buying new appliances. One thing led to another and I even had Richard paint the exterior and I had new carpeting and hard floors installed. By the time it was done I'd definitely decided to sell my oversized home and move what I wanted out of it, sell the rest and put it up for sale. The house sold sooner and for a lot more money than I photos sex preteen expected.Once settled, I invited Richard forum porn preteen and his son over for dinner. porno free preteen The evening they preteen erotics were to show, Richard called that his younger son had come for a visit, so they couldn't come. I said to bring him, too, it was no problem.Dan, the older son, looked just like his dad, but the younger boy, eighteen, was a knock out. His name young preteens ls was Luke and he must have looked like his mother instead of Richard and that was not the only difference. He was a year out of high school, already had a job in the combination office - warehouse of a construction firm and was living with a much older woman who was an airline stewardess. He was open, chatty and a lot more interesting than Dan who didn't do much of anything that I could tell except stay up all night with his dad and watch moves that they checked nature preteen nude out from the library. On several other occasions after that, he chatted with me in the yard when arriving at or preteen artwork leaving his dad's. Once he came in for a couple of beers and during the conversation asked me for my telephone number in case his dad didn't pay his phone bill and he needed to contact him. It was the same prefix as all the numbers in the park and only the last two digits were different from his dad's number, so he said he'd remember it and didn't preteen anal ass even need preteen boy naturism to write it down.About two months later, one rainy evening Luke was coming home from a friend's house on the other side of town and chose to go surface rather than the freeways which were always a mad house when it was raining. He stopped at a stop sign located in the middle of the business area at what was the city's busiest intersection. The rain had stopped but the roads were still slick. A car come up behind him, rear ended him, knocked his car into the intersection where he was hit by another car and spun around until his car sideswiped a third vehicle. When the police arrived, he was standing beside his car naked except that he'd removed his shirt and tied it around his waist. Luke explained the situation by saying nude preteen ange he'd urinated all over himself during the accident, guessed he was headed for trouble and volunteered to the officers that there was a small amount of Meth in the glove compartment but it didn't belong to him, thinking he might get off easier if he admitted it and he was arrested.He called me from the jail using the one call he was allowed, saying he called me because his dad was a flake when it came to handling problems. I told him I'd call a bail bond company and then go to the jail. preteens in brazil By coincidence, at the jail I was standing at the glass window with only a small slit at the bottom and asked if I could talk to Luke Murray; a woman asked me if my name was Jason Calendar. She was the woman I'd talked to about furnishing a bail bond and she remembered my name from our conversation and credit card data I'd given her on the phone.The guy at the window looked at his computer and replied that I couldn't see or talk to Luke; he was being processed. The woman from the Bail Bond office followed me outside and asked if I'd had any previous paradise preteen model experience with this place. When I replied that I hadn't, she said, "Well prepare yourself, it's a disorganized mess. I came over to deliver the bail bond. They've had time to pre teen bodybuilding process Luke, but if you come back here in two hours and again in four hours their answer will be the same. Jason, my advice to you is to get an attorney. Only an attorney has the know how and the clout to wade through the pre teens modelrussians mess they've created here."I told her the only attorney I knew was a corporate attorney for the company I worked for. sexe preteen girls She said he wouldn't do, walked back to my car with me and called one on my cell phone that she'd recommend and after explaining the situation to him handed the phone over to me. His name was Raymond Clark and he told me there was an all night coffee shop on Grant Avenue, six blocks east of the jail and he'd meet me there in forty-five minutes.We sat in a booth at the back of the place and each ordered a cup of coffee. He told me to call him Ray and went on to explain that he'd need a retainer of $2,5OO and his total fee would depend on whether he had to playtoy preteen represent Luke in court. I told him everything I knew about the situation and he followed me back to the jail. The lady who'd delivered the bail bond was right. The response tiny preteen butts at the window was much preteen nymphets dorki better. We were told he'd been fingerprinted and if we went to the gate in the chain link fence about a nymphet preteen pussy hundred feet south of the preteen nymphet portals parking lot, he'd be coming out in a few minutes. The attorney went with me and when Luke came out he told Luke to tell him what had happened and asked him how much damage had his car incurred. Luke explained it was to the trunk, one back door and two doors on the other side that had been crushed in. Ray told him to go to the police impound lot in the morning but he should arrange for a tow truck to meet him there to tow the vehicle to a body shop and he'd have to pay a fee for storage and another one for towing. Luckily, Tomorrow was Saturday, so I could go with him.By the time we got in my car, Luke was full of apologies and "Thank You's" as well as on the verge of tears. He asked if he could come home with me and if I'd stop by his apartment. His girlfriend was gone and wouldn't be home until tomorrow. I helped him carry his belongs out to the car and he left her a bella model preteen "Goodbye and Fuck You Too Note". It was 1 AM when we got home and walked over to his dad's, as lights were still on. Richard opened the door but didn't ask us home preteen photo in, for an obvious reason, stuff was scattered all over the floor, on the tables and chairs and empty beer cans were everywhere. Dan looked toward the door but didn't as much as say "Hi" and returned to watching TV. Both of them were in their underwear. After Luke preteen girl virgin briefly outlined what had happened, Richard said he'd put on pants and preteen piss bbs shoes and be right over.Luke said, "No you won't dad, I'll come over tomorrow afternoon and explain. And, I don't want you bugging Jason for more details or for any other reason, I'll see you sometime tomorrow." On the way back to my house, Luke said, "What a fucking naked movies preteen mess that place is. I can't stand it. That's why I visit them so seldom. I'm not used to it. My mother was never like that. Both of them just gave up after she died." I didn't answer. He then added, "I'm sorry, Jason, I guess I'm just too judgmental.""No you're not, Luke, you just adhere to a higher standard and that's admirable."He picked up a few items from the car and we went into the house. It was chilly after the rain; I lit the gas log in the small fireplace and asked Luke if he wanted a beer. He asked if I had anything stronger. I said, "Brandy" and he said "Sounds Good. I've always wondered what it tastes like. nude preteen nudes Besides I need something to settle me down. I'm a bit shaky. The evening his preteen whore has been just too much for me."We sat ladies preteen in front of the fire, lit cigarettes, and he continued, "Dad wont pay you back and I really don't know if he would if he could, but I will eventhough I'll have to do it a little bit every payday.""Luke, you don't need to and I don't want you too.""You must think I'm a total mess. "A total no- good.""I think you're just exactly what I'd like to have for a son, but I'll preteen gateway never have one. In the closet for the bedroom where I have my desk and computer, there's a rollaway bed. I'll make it up while you take a hot shower. It will relax you and make you sleep better"."I'll just sleep with you tonight. You must be worn out too; just go to bed and I'll come in after I shower."He was right; it had been a stressful evening for me. Knowing I wouldn't get to sleep right away, I waited for him to come to bed. He left the bathroom door open as he showered and I watched him as he opened the shower door and dried off. He didn't have a hard-on but he was semi-erect and his teenage cock curved out from his body slightly before it bent down. He was cut and his cock was on the full side. He had a beautiful manhood along with generous sized balls.I didn't really want him to know I was still awake so I rolled over almost to the opposite side of the preteen whipping pics bed. He got in, scooted all the way over, pulled up the sheet and blankets and threw his arm around me. Within five minutes I was sure he was asleep.I missed my wife in bed and this was the first time since she died that I'd slept with another person, let alone a male, not to mention an eighteen-year-old boy. Christ, it started things rolling over and over in my mind -- all the way back to high school.Other than my own, the last cock I'd seen was in high school in PE class and I remembered how they fascinated me and, to my embarrassment, gave me a hard-on. I remembered sex with my wife and how it resulted in two stillborn babies and how we gave up on it. I pre teen topless remembered, after that watching gay oriented sites on the Internet. free preteen websites I remembered, after my wife's death, my concern over my sexuality and seeking counseling. I remembered being told that I was a latent homosexual and the distress that caused me.I gradually worked my way up to tonight and remembered how grateful Luke seemed, how close he was to tears, how, in all innocence he said he'd sleep with me. I remembered watching him dry off after he showered. preteens girl imgboard I remembered what his cock looked like.What I didn't need to remember was how hard it made me because I was still hard and his young body was still pressed against mine from his chest to his knees. I could hear his breathing. I could actually feel his penis pressing against my bottom. I wanted him so bad, I wanted him more than anything else in the world.I tried again to go to sleep but couldn't. I wondered what that stewardess looked like and if Luke fucked her. Shit I knew he had.I wondered how big his cock was fully erect. I wondered how long he had to fuck her before he climaxed. I wondered if he shot a lot of juice when he ejaculated. preteens fuck porn I'd heard queers swallowed and I wondered what it tasted like.I wanted to reach around and feel Luke's cock -- but at the same time I was afraid, so I masturbated and finally dropped off to sleep.I slept soundly for a legal preteen underwear while then I became conscious that I had turned over, I was on my left side instead of my right, I was lying up to Luke's back, I had my right arm over him.I WAS HOLDING HIS COCK. IT WAS SO WARM, SO BIG, SO HARD.I withdrew my hand and my arm. He remained motionless so I reached around him again and wrapped my hand around it for the second time. He was still erect. I wanted to hold it the rest of the night and play with it, but that was not to be. I gently closed my hand around his shaft and ran my thumb around his cockhead and across his piss slit. Again he remained motionless but his cock started jerking.HE ORGASMED. I FELT HIS WARM CUM POURING OUT OF HIS PISS SLIT.It was the most exciting thing I'd ever experienced.I guess I'd become accustomed to living alone and I woke when I heard Luke flushing the toilet. He came out wearing only a jock strap, which preteen picture boards he must have taken off in the bathroom last night. He sat on the edge of the bed and kept calling my name blonde model preteen -- Jason, Jason, Jason, until I finally awoke and raised myself up on my elbows and said, "Huh?""Jason, it only 7:30 but I woke up hungry. I didn't have any dinner last night and I doubt you did legal preteen porn either, I've fixed breakfast, do you want to eat?" I got up, preteens real free put on a bathrobe, went into the kitchen with him and he poured me coffee and set a plate in front of me with buttered toast, bacon and eggs, which he'd already fixed.While eating, he thanked me again ls modles preteen for everything I'd done for him last night, told me how much he liked my house because it was so attractive plus so clean and orderly. I told him I looked forward preteen nudes family to having him until he got straightened out. When finished, he said, "Lets hit the sack again; we can deal with my car this afternoon." He was right; I knew we were both tired. I took off my robe and got back into bed. Luke got in beside me, still wearing his jock strap."Jason, about last night in bed, I want to talk to you about that." I thought, oh shit, here it comes, he knows, I'm in trouble.""Jason, my dad told me you'd been married for a long time, is that true?""Yes, twenty years.""But you preteen picture like boys, preteen toples sites too?""After last preteen panty portal night, what can I say except that I'm sorry?""Not so preteen pantyhosed models sorry that preteen nude tits you wont do it again, I hope" threw the covers back and he'd already worked his cock out one side of his jockstrap. It was hard and swollen and his scrotum was so tight that his balls were clearly defined."There's nothing I like better than having beautiful preteen xxx a guy jack me off, except having a guy suck me off!"I was stunned, I'd never expected his response, and had thought that I'd probably never even get to touch his dick again. He ripped off his jockstrap and threw it on the floor, leaned over, quickly kissed me on the mouth and said,"Play with it a while to get us both worked up." Getting worked up was the last thing I needed at the moment, but I wanted preteens hot bodys desperately to please him, so I played the game the way I interpreted his wanting me to.I'd barely felt him and hadn't even stroked him when he called out, "Hurry, go down on it. For the first time in my life, I leaned toward him and put my mouth over his cock. I'd seen it done on video clips in porno sites and at least knew what to do. It seemed like but a few seconds before he wrapped his legs together and squeezed my head between them and began humping his cock in and out of my mouth. Then he hollered at me and his cum poured into my mouth -- his sweet boy cum and I was surprised at how good it tasted.He relaxed for an instant but didn't remove him legs before saying, "Hurry Jason, suck it some more, preteen camping I'm going to cum again."He did and we both fell back on the bed, exhausted."That was so good, was it good for you, Jason?""Indescribable and my first time.""Would you like to do it to me, again?""God yes!""I'm glad but I want to be honest with you. I'm a bottom. I don't reciprocate, but topless preteen pictures I'll be your toy boy as often as you want me too. I didn't reciprocate with Diane the stewardess, didn't even play with her tits, she just rubbed them all over me and did all the work when she fucked my dick as I lay on my back. Her flights were mostly to Chicago and she and some other stewardesses shared an apartment there as well as some of the pilots, too.""What should I do, tell you if I'm in need, or wait until you ask me?""Jesus but you are so innocent and that's so rare, so nude little preteen sweet. Don't worry; things will work out without either of us having to ask the other. We will get to know eachother better than we know ourselves, tgp preteen nn we will be so be so intimate, in so many ways that you will know my body as well as you know your own, we'll know when the other is in need preteen euro portal with no words passed between us. Diane and I didn't achieve it, but with you we will become as an extension of the other and no one else will be able to satisfy us. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?""Yes. It sounds idealistic, too good to be true.""I know, but I hope maxwells preteen photos you want to work toward it. I do."Without asking, I rolled over toward him and kissed him. I found if I made the first move he responded. He put his american preteens nudes arms around me and I felt his tongue enter my mouth. I climaxed immediately and he reached down and pulled on my butt so my crème smeared his pubic hairs. sweet preteen tits I knew what he'd told me would soon come true.I already loved him -- not just his cock, but all of him.That afternoon we called a towing company and had a tow truck meet us at the impound lot. I'd had a fender bender not too long ago and liked the body shop that had repaired it so that's where Luke had him tow his car. The tow truck driver said he'd very little preteens give them my name as a reference as well as the numbers for my phone and cell phone so they could call me when they'd completed an estimate. There was no charge as Luke's insurance covered the tow. The tow truck driver said his AAA insurance would also cover a rental car -- neither of us had thought of that. We went by a Hertz agency and he followed me back home in a Ford Taurus.That evening we ate out and stopped on the way home for a 12-pack of beer, lit the gas log again and Luke started by saying, "Justin, I forgot to explain to the attorney and to you that two or three months ago Diane and nude ukraine preteens I had gone to a party and some half crazy dude there gave Diane the Meth that was in the glove compartment. She put it in there so she wouldn't forget and keep it in her purse. I completely forgot about it until the accident."Then you don't use it.""No I'm preteen nude virgin dumb but not that dumb.""I'm glad you don't. I'm on the dumb side, too, and haven't a clue on how to deal with users."I subscribed to HBO and we watched a couple of their Saturday Night Movies. Luke got up went to the window and said, "Shit, I can't believe it, Dad and Dan are out or in bed.""I can't either.""Jason, can I tell you something more about myself and being a bottom?""I wish you would, it's all very new to me."He came over and sat beside me, putting an arm around my neck while I put a hand on his leg, and he said."Our sex this morning was great. And it's something I'll need a lot of. But do you love me? Nobody's really loved me since my mother died.""Of course, I already do but I guess I haven't had a chance to express it yet."He got up and turned off the nn japanese preteens lights in the room, and sat on my lap -- with the gas log becoming the only light in the room. I wrapped my arms around him and he laid his head against my chest. It was all so new to me, so unexpected that I just held him for a while, not knowing what to post preteens pictures do but knowing that he expected me to do something, as he'd explained to me earlier, so I said, "Luke, you're the most beautiful boy I've ever seen.""Really?""Really and that's just one of the reason's I love you.""Really?""Really! It's hard to explain. You're totally beautiful and I love all of you. At the same time, each and every part of you is beautiful and I love each and every part of you. "I love your curly hair," and reached up and ran my fingers through it. "I love your face," and ran a finger across each eyebrow and along preteen princes model the top of each ear, the sides preteen chat com of his nose and across his lips.Moving down, I told him I loved his body because it was lean but at the same time strong as only a young boy's body could be. I told him I loved his nipples.I told him I loved his strong legs, his long feet and his long toes.I ended my fondling journey with wrapping my hand around his cock as best I could through his pants and said, "Oh Luke, I have to be honest and say this is what I love most about you.""Why?""Because it is the most beautiful, most special part of you. It is the part of you that makes you a boy.""Then, too, I feel you've been honest juicy tight preteens with me, so I want to be honest with you. 9yo preteen models I'm lonely, I don't have a son of my own and I never will. Before last night I'd never felt the heat, the passion and the strength that emits from a boy's cock at the very touch.If you can remember all my reasons for loving you and put them all together you'll know why I love you.He responded with only two words, "I do!"I said, "I'm glad."He took my hand and pulled it down and onto his lap, between his legs. Somehow, unnoticed by me, he'd taken it out of his pants and he wrapped my fingers around it.It was totally erected, yet horney preteen girlsnude soft and warm to the touch and the skin felt moist and it smelled, I guess, like a cock smells on a boy in heat.He said, "Play with it!" and leaned down with his head on one side of the sofa and his legs on the other and his butt on my lap and his dick sticking straight up.Taking my hand he wrapped it around his boy cock and it was as big and hard as the first time I'd touched it last night.I bent down and kissed him and he responded. Then he said, "Take me to bed."I told him to stand; he put an arm around my shoulder and I put an arm under his knees and carried him to the bedroom and placed him on the unmade bed, got in beside him, raised his legs into the air and nymphet leotard preteen held them there as I sucked his big, hard, teen dick with a fast, twirling motion until he exploded and, for the third time, poured his hot seed into my mouth.I rolled over on my back and he lay atop me. Our two bodies, both still grils nude preteens warm and excited from having had sex together, perpetuated the warmth we'd generated.What happened next was totally unexpected; he kissed me and said, "Thanks Daddy."In an attempt to disguise my surprise at his calling me Daddy, I asked, "Luke, do you want me to be your daddy?""Oh yes, because I know you love me and I need a daddy. You see Richard is Dan's daddy.""You mean they have sex together?""All the time, that's why they go around until 2 or 3AM sitting next to eachohter in their underwear.""I hope that's not what you want preteen nn xxxx me to do.""No, just love me.""Isn't that what I just did?""Yes, but I mean really love me.""I guess you were right when you said I was innocent. You're going to have to explain.""I mean what you've been doing has been for my pleasure, and I know it's excited you, too. But I really want to be your boy toy. models russian preteen I want you to really show me you love me; I want you to screw me. I want to feel your big fucker cock all the way up my boy pussy; I want to feel you fuck out a big load sexy pre preteen of your man cum in older preteen art my cunt. I need you to do that so I'll know that you can use my body to make you cum!"I will, believe me, but not denmark preteen models tonight. I wrapped my arm around him and snuggled up to his back.He soon fell asleep but I was unable to do the same. I thought of how beautiful he was and wondered how much of his conversation tonight was true and brutal porn preteen how much of it was just due to his mixed up emotions.I was sure that he did miss his mother. I doubted that Richard was having sex with Dan all the time. Neither of them seemed the type, but who knows.I was sure though that he was a mixed up young boy. I was sure that he wanted to be loved sexually and in other ways, too.I was certain that I'd have to be very careful and very patient with him. But, he was certainly worth it. I did love him, eventhough it was only this morning that I'd cuddled him as I was doing now and made him orgasm in his sleep. I could think of nothing nicer than having a young boy to sleep with and I realized I'd never preteen bbs post really known the excitement and the pleasure of sex until Luke came into my life.I was the one that woke up first on Sunday morning and brought him French preteens free sex toast, orange juice and coffee to bed, on a tray. A little later, he preteen pedo baby went over and told his dad what had happened Friday night in more detail. We read the Sunday newspaper, put some of his work clothes in the washer and generally lazed around. The two previous days dream model preteen had taken their toll on both of us and we went to bed early.Monday, being alone again I thought more of what had happened, especially Luke telling me his desires as far as my fucking him. In the afternoon, I went to a porno bookstore and video arcade and bought a tube of what was labeled "Lube" and two leather, snap on preteen seduction videos cock rings that were on display in the glass case at the check-out counter along with some DVD's with enticing titles on sexual activities between men. Just going into the place and buying that stuff gave me an erection that lasted all the way home. I'd never been as horny in my life as I'd been since Luke came into it.On the way home I stopped at a supermarket and bought a roasted chicken, some red potato salad with dill in it, along with a baguette loaf of French bread and an apple pie that I could bake myself if he wanted to eat at home. If not, everything would keep until tomorrow and we'd go out. He wanted to go to a Mexican Restaurant, so that's what we did after having a couple of beers at home.During diapered pre teen dinner he told me he'd decided not to tell his boss about his accident and arrest and asked if he'd done the right thing. I told him I thought he had. He went on describing what had happened on the job today and ended up saying Diane and his dad never seemed interested and it was good to have someone that listened to him even if it wasn't a real important topic of conversation. I told him he could talk to me about anything he wanted to, as I liked to hear him talk and watch him gesturing. He smiled.The first thing he did on arriving home was go to the bathroom, so I arranged my porno store purchases on the coffee table. He noticed them immediately, smiled at me again, and asked if I had a movie I wanted to watch first. I told him to pick one.As you've probably guessed it involved both cock sucking and ass fucking between two guys - a motorist and a hitchhiker he'd picked up and the two of them ended up in a motel after fooling around in the car.It was a full-length video and lasted about ninety minutes. During that time we'd had three beers each and took off eachother's clothes piece by piece until we were naked. When the film was about fifteen minutes from being finished, Luke knew that this was his night to get his ass fucked, like one of the guys in the movie was getting, maxwell models preteen By the time the video ended he had put one preteen photography art of the cock rings on me and I had put his on."Daddy, can we put some blankets on the floor here by the fire and play another video? I got two blankets and he helped me spread one of them on the floor. The movie had an introductory scene to get you into the plot. By the time the sex had begun, so had ours. I lubed myself and entered him. He ceased looking at the video and closed his eyes, as I held his legs in the air and screwed him hard. He had the most contented smile on his face -- I cannot begin to describe it. I didn't know if this was a first time for him with a man, it didn't matter; all that mattered was that he was enjoying my fucking him right now -- this very minute. He'd been begging me to do it and now he was getting it. When he was close to ejaculating he suddenly started hollering, "Jack me! Jack me!" While I masturbated him, he kept hollering "Red Ass! Red Ass!" We climaxed very close to eachother and I couldn't believe the volume of cum that gushed out of his cock and onto his stomach.After I caught my breath I went to the bathroom, came back with a hot, wet washcloth, towel and grabbed two pillows off the bed. I washed his stomach and his genitals, dried them with the towel, handed him a pillow and placed one beside his for nude pedo preteens myself, put another blanket down and got into bed beside him. We hugged, kissed and sort of watched the porno film, but fell asleep before it was finished. I had the soundest sleep of my life. When I woke the sun was coming in the east windows. I got up, took a leak and made coffee. I'd have to wake Luke up soon so he wouldn't preteens models sexy be late for work.While eating breakfast, I asked him why he was hollering "Red Ass" last night. He explained Richard used it. It means almost anything you want it to -- an expression of disgust or an expression of extreme pleasure.We'd told Ray, the preteen pedo russia attorney, not to call Luke at work nymphets preteen naked but to call me, instead. One day he called me to say in effect, "Keep our shirts on." He'd had a meeting with the District Attorney who would decide what Luke would be charged with. Luke had been tested that evening in jail and it was determined he had no Meth in his system, which was good but at the same time he was in possession of ru preteens the substance. The accident would accrue no charges by the court. It would be months before they got around to setting a court date and Luke would have to appear. He also told me to explain to Luke that when he appeared in court he would advise him to plead guilty -- if he pleaded innocent his attorney fees could jump sky high with no determinable outcome. For example, in jury selection the DA would ask prospective jurors if they used drugs, hoping to stack the jury with people that would have no sympathy for Luke. He would try to do the opposite, but it was a chance that was not worth the risk.His prediction was that since Luke was employed full time and needed a car to get back and forth to work, he would get to keep his driver's license but would be placed on probation for three years and would have to pay approximately $400 in court costs.He ended by telling me this was the course he recommended. Anything else was pretty much a dream because both the City and County were punishment oriented.In the end that is exactly what happened.Winter passed quicker than it ever had before and I knew why. Luke and I, like he had said, had become as one body. In the tree months of Winter, I had more sex than all the sex I'd had in my prior life and the more I had the more I needed. I truly loved Luke more than I'd ever thought it possible for one person to love another. I loved him more than I loved myself. I felt that my life before meeting him had been a wasteland.Spring and Summer are always the most enjoyable.Spring is the time of rebirth -- cows have calves, mares have colts, baby birds are hatched. Trees, bushes, flowers and lawns, all dormant in the winter, suddenly find new life and bloom, produce new leaves and turn green. Then, along comes Easter when a bunny rabbit hides eggs for children to find and in churches we celebrate Christ's resurrection from the dead.Summer is the fun month -- vacations, picnics, swimming, tennis, baseball, fishing -- all the outdoor, relaxing stuff that makes you forget that winter ever happens. Summer is also the time that construction is at its max and it was a busy time for Luke.Fall, if you really thing about it is the best of all. It is the time when the cycle preteen girl gallery starts all over, kids are back in school and adults are back working.It was in the autumn and one evening on the patio, Luke began talking about his day at work, as I'd encouraged him to do.An preteen 6yo 12yo older guy that worked with Luke in the warehouse told him it was a preteensex pic "Dead end job." He'd been there four years without advancement, just a few pay raises. Luke seemed depressed."Luke, I think you should, right now think a minute and then tell me what you'd most like to do if you could have your rathers.""I'd like to be a school teacher.""Good, call in tomorrow and quit. There's still time to enroll at one of the state's universities.""Jason, you are beyond belief when it comes to enthusiasm and your interest in me. No way could I go to one of the state schools. You'd have reacted the same if I'd said I'd have liked to become an MD.""And you, Luke, like a lot of teenagers, need a kick in the ass every now and then. If you want to become an MD, now is the best time for you to get started.""I'd have to move and I will not leave you, even if I could come home every week end.""There are property managers that lease properties for owners and keep tabs on the lessee. We'll both move.""You're serious aren't sex preteen comic you? Well consider the down side. Suppose I meet a pretty preteen modles dude in one of my classes, have a date with him and fall in love with him. What would you think of that?""I'd think it was normal. I'd be jealous for a while of course philippine preteen pics but I'd get over it. Luke you put a name to our relationship. I never thought of being your daddy, but I got used to it. If I can be your daddy for the rest of my life, I couldn't ask for anything more."Tears preteen nude toons welled up in his eyes as well as in mine. He came over, sat on my lap, put an arm around my neck, leaned his head on my chest and said, "Jason, you really are my daddy, not by birth, but by our mutual choice. I lucked out on that. You're the best daddy any boy could have. And, as usual, you're right -- you will always be my daddy -- nothing can ever change that."THE END
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